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Mantai Salt Limited  
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Mantai Salt Ltd. has long history in salt production in Sri Lanka.  It manufactures common salt, iodine mixed salt, crush salt and Industrial salt. The major production area is located in Mannar and its administrative office located in Colombo. The Chemmani saltern which functioned under Mantai saltern is wound up due the low productivity and recommended by consultants to use for aquaculture project. 

The salt company was started in 1938 and went through different administrative control and finally it was named as Mantai Salt Ltd from 2001 and now functioning under the purview of Ministry of Industry and Commerce. The salt is being recognized as best in quality (98.5 is NACL) in compare to the harvested salt in other part of the country. 

The Mantai Salt not only functions as a natural resource utilization center also giving employment opportunities to the vulnerable people in the Mannar district. As at today there are 43 permanent staff and 90 casual staff are employed by the institution.

Mantai Salt Ltd is governing by the board which comprised by the members represent from treasury and other government departments and it comes under the purview of Ministry of Industry and Commerce. The Corporation and Statutory Board Division of the Ministry is monitoring and facilitating the legal and accountable matters of the company. As it is a government enterprise it is registered under the company Act. No. 7 of 2007 as a Limited Company to abide for the company rules. Meanwhile the institution is certified by the SriLanka Standard Institution to ensure the quality. And also the company is being audited by the authorized auditors nominated by the treasury. 

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Mantai Salt Limited
(+94)112 368 998 / (+94)112 368 964
561/3, Elvitigala Mawatha, Colombo 05,
Colombo District

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